EP - “Gare de M” : "I. na. gi (Bossa, Jazz)" was featured in the playlist "APERITIVO"

JUN 21 2024

"I. na. gi (Bossa, Jazz)" was featured in the playlist "APERITIVO"

Aperitivo! (🇮🇹🍷🍸🍺)

AJP Relaxing Jazz Piano, which releases wonderful jazz tracks, has selected Chiais' "I. na. gi" for their playlist.

This summer playlist, inspired by Italy's important food culture and Brazilian sounds (bossa nova and jazz), is the perfect match for "I. na. gi," which was created as background music for the bistro Gare de M.

It's also great for office work and other tasks, so be sure to check it out!


Spotify Playlist


by AJP Relaxing Jazz Piano
(Pianist, Composer and Melodic Jazz Producer)

MAR 8 2024

Featured in Damon (artist/Owner of Tsunami Sounds) February curation blog !!

The (3) track I.na.gi from the recently released EP - "Gare de M" was featured on Damon's (artist and Tsunami Sounds owner) curation blog for February. 

I am very honored and happy.
 Thank you find!!!

Best of February '24 playlist submissions

It is also featured on his playlist "Monday Morning Beats", so you can enjoy the song in a different order and atmosphere than usual.

Monday Morning Beats
(Spotify Playlist)

by Tsunami Sounds
(Music and art curation label founded by Damon Broussard)

FEB 16 2024

Selected for 2 playlists by Pluto, a Japanese playlist media

The songs "Suset Tide (Jazz Arrangement)" and "I.na.gi" from the EP (mini-album) "Gare de M" were selected for the February playlist of the Japanese playlist media Pluto, respectively.

You can enjoy Chiais' music in a different order and atmosphere from the album!!

Creative Trip 
(Monthly - Spotify Playlist)

Created a "Creative Trp" playlist to deepen home learning during the coronavirus pandemic

Digital Hollywood Co., Ltd.

Create a playlist to accompany your home learning or creative work. We select songs, mainly electronica, that will help you concentrate on your work and allow your imagination to expand.

(Monthly - Spotify Playlist)

A playlist of recommended new releases of gentle music released in Japan. Genres include ambient, electronica, acoustic, SSW, etc. Updated every month.

by Pluto 
(Japanese Website)

Management company: Gerbera Music Agency

JAN 8 2024

EP (Mini album) “Gare de M”


This year (2024) marks the 10th anniversary of Gare de M, a French and Italian bistro in Nishi-Hachioji, Tokyo, Japan.

The owner is a long-time friend of mine from high school, and on the special day of his birthday, January 7th, I was able to successfully release an EP (mini album) for the restaurant's background music, which was ordered by him.

I hope you enjoy the tracks that I carefully finished over a year and a half so that you can have a good time with your loved ones!

Gare de M - Introduction site of the store (Japanese)
Gare de M - EP (Mini Album)

JAN 2 2024


Happy new year !! 🌅🐉

I will be releasing a mini-album containing 6 songs under the name Chiais on Sunday, January 7th.

This mini-album was created in response to a request from a high school friend who asked me to create some BGM to play at a bistro.


his order is…

・The taste you made last time is better
(We gave away a jazz song called "Gare de M - 9pm" in 2020)

・It is better if there are no too sudden changes.

・It's best if you can listen to it while drinking and don't have to concentrate too much on the song.

That was the request, so while I was ordering, I thought, ``What can I do?'' and tried to express myself.


Look forward to the release!