Chiai Nagano

Tokyo - Japan

Composer, Guitarist, Trackmaker

BGM and soundtracks for films / video games have inspired my music. Influenced by the British and American rock music from the 90's, I also started playing the guitar in 2001. These days, I’m mainly producing instrumental music with a focus on the guitar sound and rhythms. I have created sound that makes the most of each characteristics.


Specialty Genres
Acoustic (Folk, Bossa), Chill-hop (LoFi Hip-hop), Rock (Alternative, Indie) 

Electro (Dance), House, Jazz

( Detail


My Hobbies


Tour of 100 famous Japanese castles 



 4th Co-Write (Co-Production) 
   - Destination Ports / Chill Beat (Techno, R&B)

 Composition, Arrangement: harryfaoki   
 Beat, percussion: Chiai Nagano

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