- 2023 -

[Release] -

 4. Boundary / Rock & Electro - Single
 3. PDP7 / Chill hop - Single (for Japanolofi Records)
 2. Acoustic Climb Up / Chill hop - Compilation (for SASAKRECT Inc.)
 1. Moreover / Grunge Rock - Single

Under the name of Chiai Nagano.

[Collaboration Production] - 

 Destination Ports / Techno, R&B - Beat, Percussion

 Co-Write(Co-produced) with fellow members of the creator community. 
 Participated under the name of Chiai Nagano.

- 2022 -

[Collaboration Production] -

 3. Treasure Smile / Pops - Motifs, Acoustic Guitar
 2. Lift Me Up / Pops - Acoustic Guitar
 1. Manhattan Nights of Trackers in the Lounge / Smooth Jazz - Acoustic Guitar

 Co-Write(Co-produced) with fellow members of the creator community.
 Participated on acoustic guitar under the name Chiai Nagano.

[Playlist Curation] -

 Under the name of Chiai's Creation Music, created 6 chill playlists centered on songs by fellow creators. I also created a form and started accepting submissions.

[Providing Music] -  

 A total of 4 songs were adopted as in-store BGM for the co-working space "Creative Lounge MOV (operated by KOKUYO Co., Ltd.)" in partnership. 

 Fiji / Lo-fi, Post-Rock
 Summer Street / Lo-fi, Post-Rock

  * 2 songs under the name of Chiais (from March/May - Tone by Gridge, Inc.)

 Gare de M - 9pm / Jazz
 Relaxing City Beat / Slow House

  * 2 songs under the name of Chiai Nagano (from January/February - Tone by Gridge, Inc.)

- 2021 -

[BGM Production Started] -

 Established Chiai's Creation Music and started requesting.

Pickup Tracks


Adopted by Toneby Gridge. Mainly used as BGM in the affiliated co-working space "Creative Lounge MOV". Thanks.


This song was created with the image of playing at my friend's bistro "Gale de M" around 9 pm. (He of course uses it as BGM🍷)