Single - "Boundary" Release Out!

DEC 2 2023



French artist and playlist curator François Maillard's (Byebyefish) Spotify playlist "Emerging Indie Rock Pop Folk" includes Chiai Nagano's single Boundary. 


We have received the following comments

“Your new song is just amazing! Love that mix between post-rock guitars, dark and uplifting vibes”


I am once again pleased to have gotten to know him through the release. 

Thank you very much!

NOV 15 2023

Single "Boundary" has been released!

Apple Music

I would be happy if you could enjoy the intertwining of sounds (guitars and effects) and how they are inserted and removed.

NOV 12 2023

Single "BOUNDARY" will be released on November 15th.

There are only 3 days left until the release, but you can now pre-register on Spotify!


Enjoy the cyberpunk-inspired sound of fragments of scenes projected at high speed.

OCT 31 2023



On November 15, we will release our first single in about 6 months!

The theme / image is cyberpunk.

The genre is based on alternative rock, but incorporates many electro elements.

Specifically, it is an upbeat, ambitious work that mixes a 

"live approach (electric guitars and acoustic guitars)"
with "digital technology hammering and effects (rhythms and sound effects).

Look forward to its release!