"Kamakura Warm" : Added to Spotify's chill editorial (official) playlist!!

APR 5  2024

 Added to Spotify's chill editorial (official) playlist!!

The update was delayed, but…

"Kamakura Warm", which was included in Lonely Girl vol.5 (chill compilation album), has been added to Spotify's editorial (official) playlist of the same name (Lonely Girl - I'm a little tired…).

Enjoy “Kamakura Warm” with chill tracks from famous artists and Lofi producers.


Lonely Girl - I'm a little tired…
(Weekly - Spotify Editorial Playlist)

MAR 2 2024
Selected for Pluto (Japanese playlist media)'s March playlist "JAPAN NEW CALM"

Chill-hop track "Kamakura Warm" from the chill compilation "Lomely Girl vol. 5" released last month was selected for the "JAPAN NEW CALM (March)" playlist on Pluto (Japanese playlist media)!

You can enjoy the song in a different flow from the compilation (Lomely Girl vol.5). Please enjoy the selection of songs that are very suitable for sleeping and working.

(Monthly - Spotify Playlist)

A playlist of recommended new releases of gentle music released in Japan. Genres include ambient, electronica, acoustic, SSW, etc. Updated every month.

Management company: Gerbera Music Agency 
(Japanese Website)

FEB 21 2024
Chill compilation “Lonely Girl vol.5” has been released!

You can enjoy tracks from a total of 22 artists, including "Kamakura Warm" recorded under the name Chiai Nagano.

Please listen to it while working or when you want to relax.
(The compilation is linked to the video below)

DL / Streaming

FEB 16 2024
Participating in the chill track compilation "Lonely Girl vol.5"

I'm a little tired ... // Lonely Girl", a platform for people who are a little tired all over the world, has released its 5th compilation album!

Along with the release on February 11, will be participating in this chill compilation(Lonely Girl vol.5), which will also be available on their YouTube channel, with the "Kamakura Warm (Lofi Hiphop)" under the name Chiai Nagano!

The premiere page is now open on the YouTube channel! You will be able to watch it on February 11 at 0:00am (midnight Japan time - the same time as the release of the soundtrack).