Posted last month's (February) submission track

MAR 1 2024
Posted last month's (February) submission track

Thank you for submitting!!! Last month too, I was blown away by an amazing track. »-(°∨° )→
We will introduce the songs submitted in February by playlist.

Submission Track

JAN 18 2022

Create 4 Spotify Playlists (Chill / Relaxing). Waiting for your submission!


For the benefit of my fellow creators, I made a playlist of their songs in private. Glad they were pleased with the results! 

As a next step we are looking for submissions from everyone who is interested. 
(see list for submitters) 

The four playlists we're looking for are

1. Deeply Relaxing Songs by Newcomers
We plan to develop this as our new chill playlist!

2. Slow life in Summer
This is the owner's hobby playlist. It will contain the best and most relaxing music from time to time.

3. Relaxing City Beat
Fashionable chillbeat + study ready.

4. Japanese Travelogue
A selection of songs that will take you on a journey through different parts of Japan.

I'm going to grow it slowly. 
Thank you for your support.

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