Newly added to the 4 playlists! - ♪Summer Street (Post-Rock Instrumental)


1. Lofi Sleep - relaxing, calm chillout music (lofi beats to sleep/study/relax)
The best sleepy time beats, calm beats, rain lofi, lofi jazz, jazzhop, lofi beats to relax to, relaxing music, relaxing chillout music, mellow beats | submit here

2. Lofi Music to help you relax
Chill yourself with the best lofi beats and music around, for relax, studying, chilling, get high, work or just get new inspirations. Always updated! || lofi,chill,beats,good vibes,relax,calm down,study,work,meditation,smoke,weed.

3. journey to clouds
Sit back and relax, like lying on clouds


4. night train lofi
soft music for night train rides and night shifters. WARNING! might cause head bobbing. submit via

CHIAIS - Summer Street (Full)